Incredible Hotels Around the World: Destinations Unto Themselves
April 30, 2024
By Danielle Owen

Traveling doesn’t have to mean venturing far and wide. In fact, with the right accommodations, you can have a spectacular vacation without ever leaving the resort and still immerse yourself in the true essence of the destination. Whether unwinding in a cliffside villa overlooking the ocean or sipping coffee with giraffes in Kenya, these hotels offer everything you need for a memorable stay. There’s no need to venture beyond their grounds when you can experience the best of what each destination offers right at your doorstep.

Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok at Chao Phraya River: Thailand

The Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok is an oasis of luxury between Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River and the city’s creative district. Bangkok is a common stopover for those traveling to popular destinations like Chiang Mai in the north or the Thai islands in the south, but the Four Seasons makes it worth extending your stay. Recover from jet lag by waking up to an exemplary breakfast buffet before taking a dip in the infinity-edge pool overlooking the river. Take the hotel’s private boat for a tour of the city, hopping off to explore should you wish to. 

Dinner options vary from upscale Italian to cozy room service. For an evening out, the hotel hosts BKK Social Club, an award-winning bar that uses local ingredients to create creative cocktails like their “Thai Basil Smash.” From the moment you wake up until you cozy up in bed in your river-view suite, the Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok makes the journey to Thailand well worth it, without ever having to leave the resort.

Rockhouse Hotel and Spa: Jamaica

If you do nothing else on the island, the boutique Rockhouse Hotel and Spa will make a journey to the Caribbean worth every second and every penny. Built into the cliffs of Negril, Jamaica, the hotel’s villas are constructed from timber and stone on cliffsides perched directly above the spectacularly blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. 

With thatched roofs and secluded outdoor showers, the rooms here feel natural and rustic yet luxurious. When you’re ready for a swim, jump straight from your private veranda into the sea and climb back up using ladders built into the cliffs. When you’re ready to unwind, relax in one of the spa’s signature baths infused with local herbs and essential oils or enjoy a cocktail at their renowned Pushcart Rum Bar overlooking the ocean. 

Explora Patagonia Torres del Paine: Chile

Against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks and glaciers sits an eco-friendly accommodation that will make the long trip to the south of Chilean Patagonia worth the journey. Designed to be an extension of its natural surroundings, the lodge and spa at Explora Patagonia offer a remote yet luxurious escape that allows travelers to embrace one of the most breathtaking destinations on Earth. 

Views from the comfortable, modern suites overlook mountains, rivers and waterfalls. When it comes time to eat, gourmet meals designed from locally sourced ingredients are on the menu. The best part of staying here is that Explora takes care of everything. Meals, drinks, transportation, lodging and all your explorations—from treks to horseback riding—are taken care of.

Giraffe Manor: Kenya

Amid the tranquil landscapes of Nairobi’s suburbs, Giraffe Manor is one of the most unique accommodations you’ll find anywhere in the world. This all-inclusive hotel’s colonial-style rooms blend modern comfort and historic charm, complete with giraffe-themed artwork. 

And the star of the show here is—of course—the giraffes themselves. These magnificent animals freely roam the grounds and interact with guests by seeking out the hotel-provided snacks that guests can feed them. Imagine enjoying freshly baked pastries in an elegant dining room while friendly giraffes poke their heads through the window for one-of-a-kind photo opportunities. That’s a hotel worth the journey.

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