7 Natural Remedies for Motion Sickness 
July 9, 2024
By Mia Barnes

Motion sickness can transform otherwise pleasant travel into torture. It occurs when the cues from your inner ear, eyes and body position conflict, upsetting your nervous system. The ultimate “cure” is to stay in one place, but that’s not always possible. These seven natural remedies for nausea, dizziness and unsteadiness can help you get from point A to point B with minimal discomfort. 

1. Stay Hydrated 

Here’s a catch-22: Even though dehydration can spur nausea, letting it progress to motion sickness robs you of even more water if you vomit. One of your best preventive measures is to hydrate yourself well before departure. 

Avoid alcohol and caffeine and stick to plain water, tea or unsweetened juices. Ginger tea might be particularly beneficial, as research shows the gingerols and shogaols it contains combat queasiness

2. Use a Sea Band 

Sea bands help some people combat any motion sickness, water-related or not. They help to prevent nausea by using a pressure point on your wrist to soothe your nervous system. Best of all, they’re affordable, as you can find them for less than $20 at many retailers. 

3. Listen to Music 

To help distract one of your senses, pop in a pair of earbuds or headphones. Close your eyes and tell yourself to only focus on the music playing. Calming music is proven to reduce stress and may help lull you to sleep or at least put you in a better mood for relaxation. 

4. Carry a Light Snack 

Take a tip from expectant mothers—a few bland crackers can sometimes combat your symptoms. An empty stomach can lead to nausea spurred by excess acid, which simple, starchy foods quickly combat. 

Carrying your own stash comes in handy when traveling, especially if you have food restrictions. For example, some countries don’t require gluten-free food labeling, which can make finding the right crackers challenging if you have celiac disease. 

5. Keep Fresh 

Perhaps one reason dogs adore hanging their heads out car windows is because fresh air is a natural remedy for motion sickness. While you can’t interview Fido, you can open a window and see if it helps your symptoms. Whenever possible, opt for the window seat so you can ease your discomfort with the breeze. 

6. Distract Yourself

Since confusing input from your senses causes motion sickness, removing one may prevent symptoms. For example, donning a blindfold eliminates visual stimuli from affecting your vestibular perception, so see if putting on a sleep mask and tuning into a podcast helps. Using noise-canceling headphones also drowns out the din. 

7. Go to Sleep 

Have you ever wished for a personal anesthesiologist on long journeys to knock you out and wake you up when you reach your destination? While such luxuries aren’t possible, going to sleep is a natural remedy for motion sickness. It may also be all you feel like doing. 

Bring the supplies you need to relax if you know your journey may spur symptoms. A travel pillow prevents a crick in your neck, and swaddling yourself in a blanket feels comforting. You already know how to drown out light and sound. A dab of lavender aromatherapy can help you relax, but use caution—some people find that strong scents increase nausea. 

About the Author

Mia Barnes
Bio: Mia Barnes is a health and wellness freelance writer with a passion for providing safe, healthy, and practical travel and lifestyle tips. Mia is also the Editor-in-Chief of Body+Mind Magazine, an online healthy living publication.