Paris: Vegetarian Eats on a Budget
May 18, 2018
By Alissa Valentine

Paris. The City of Lights. It’s a great place to take in art, history and savor the (arguably?) best wine in the world. But finding a vegetarian restaurant? Not what Paris is necessarily known for, but a recent trip there proved that there are plenty of good vegetarian meals to be had.

Here are a few of my favorite vegetarian restaurants I discovered while in Paris, and they’re all budget-friendly.

Bob’s Kitchen

Located in the 3rd Arrondissement, Bob’s Kitchen is the ideal location for a healthy brunch before making your way to the nearby Pompidou Museum. Their menu has a range of things including gluten-free pancakes, vegetarian stews, and simple avocado toast with eggs. Even if you’d rather get food to go, or if you’re in a rush for a juice drink, check this place out … you might even encounter a celebrity in the corner—Owen Wilson has been spotted here ripping ginger shots. Bob’s closes at 3pm on weekdays, and 4pm on weekends, so plan accordingly!

Cook’ N Saj

At Cook N’ Saj, a team of friendly brothers delivers great customer service, and even better food. Their meals involve flavors from Lebanon, including amazing falafel wraps for under $10. Their veggie burgers and fries are delicious and shouldn’t be overlooked either. I suggest picking up a wrap or burger to go, and walking to the nearby Luxembourg Gardens for a mini-picnic with a view. Cook’ N Saj is open from 12pm—10:30 pm every day, but closed on weekdays from 4:30pm—7pm … likely so the staff can grab some dinner themselves.

Krishna Bhavan

If you’re in the mood for Indian food, Krishna Bhavan will give you more options than you could ever imagine, as well as large portions for around $10. Their menu is 100 percent vegetarian, so there’s no need to be worried about accidentally ordering a weird meat dish while mispronouncing a French word. Their thali platters are particularly great. The restaurant is located in the Latin Quarter and is open until 11pm, but closed on Tuesdays.


Moaz is the best place for super quick food that delivers a huge bang for your buck. It’s $6 for a falafel sandwich that includes a “toppings bar” where you can decide how much salad, sauce, hummus, and extra flavors you want to pair with your falafel. After loading up on their Fattoush salad, walk over to the River Seine and enjoy your sandwich while watching the boats float by. If you happen to fall in love with Maoz, don’t fret because they have locations all over the world if you need to get your falafel fix back in the U.S.

Paradis Marguerite:

Paradis Marguerite is a more upscale vegetarian and vegan dining experience, which makes it a great restaurant for that one night that you want to splurge. If you’re lucky you might even be able to see Notre Dame from your seat during dinner. Their menu offers a vegetarian beef bourguignon, a traditional French recipe, and other plant-based proteins. They also have a great happy hour menu, and friendly staff.

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