7 Online Experiences That Bring Activities From Around the World to Your Home
April 16, 2020
By Erica Hayton

Have you ever wanted to learn how to Flamenco with a Spanish dancer, take a pasta-making class with an Italian grandmother or meditate with a Japanese Buddhist monk? Now might be the perfect time to do it.

Thanks to Airbnb’s new online experiences, you can check off bucket-list items without leaving the comfort (or safety) of your home.

Here are seven online experiences from around the world to help you satiate your wanderlust.

1. Turkish Fortune Coffee Reading

Coffee fortune reading has been an authentic Turkish tradition since the Ottoman Empire of the 1600s. In this Zoom-based class, you’ll enjoy an espresso-like coffee and learn what the symbols and figures left behind inside your cup mean. The class lasts about an hour and a half and is offered to up to five people at a time.

2. Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk

Meditation is a great way to calm nerves, refocus and lower anxiety levels. In this class, you’ll spend an hour learning two types of meditation from a Buddhist monk based in Japan, including 20 minutes of chanting and a 10-minute breathing meditation.

3. The Great Grandma Pasta Journey

Pietro, your host, and his mother, Gianna, guide you through making various kinds of pasta, including spaghetti, tagliatelle, farfalle, fusilli, orecchiette, fettuccine and more. Throughout this live hour-and-a-half class, you’ll cook alongside Pietro and his mother and up to six other guests.

4. The Secret Jazz Clubs of Amsterdam

If you’re missing live music, The Secret Jazz Clubs of Amsterdam can give you the virtual concert you’ve been looking for. Hosted by the jazz artists of the Amsterdam Music Project, you’ll watch two 20-minute performances and learn more about the inspiration behind their music. The experience is an hour in total and open to up to 20 people.

5. French Mime Lessons

Host Ivan is the Educational and Artistic Co-Director of the International School of Dramatic Corporeal Mime in Paris, France. Throughout this hour-long class, he will teach you the basics of miming and help you understand the historical and contemporary context of the art of mime.

6. Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague

This virtual “tour” brings you back in time, following Dr. A. Schamsky, a forgotten Czech hero, through the streets of Prague during the Black Death. Your hosts, tour guides Lucie and David, share the history of the bubonic plague while exploring famous Prague sites like the Charles Bridge and Old Town Square, but you’ll also get to explore some hidden gems.

7. Intro to Flamenco with Spanish Dancer

Eva, your host, is the founder of Seville’s IShowU Flamenco dance class. Throughout this one hour class open to just three people at a time, Eva teaches complete beginners the basics of Flamenco. Learn the origins and culture, as well as traditional Flamenco rhythms and footwork. Keep in mind, there is a dress code––but you should have access to everything you need at home.