Eight Dishes to Make for Thanksgiving this Year
November 16, 2021
By Cassie Drumm

Whether you’re reuniting with your extended family or hosting a friendsgiving celebration close-to-home, this time of year is the perfect opportunity to gather and enjoy a delicious meal with the people you love. And to make your job easy, as the host or as someone tasked with bringing a dish, I’ve rounded up the best recipes from Healthy Travel Blog this year to share with you.

Welcome your guests with a twist on that delicious french onion dip that we all know and love. This caramelized scallion dip uses labneh, a Middle Eastern strained yogurt, for an excellent boost of protein and gut-friendly probiotics.

If dips aren’t your thing, why not go for a game day classic: sweet chili meatballs. Complete with a creamy sesame lime dipping sauce, this tasty dish is perfect for the Thanksgiving skeptics.

lebanese fattoush salad

To start your meal, salad is the way to go. But instead of a traditional Caesar salad, why not spice things up with some homemade fattoush? This Lebanese-inspired salad uses crispy flatbreads instead of croutons and is paired with a homemade sumac-spiced dressing.

If you haven’t already committed to roasting a turkey, may I suggest some slightly easier alternatives? Chicken can serve a smaller crowd, and for the non-traditionalists, this one-pot dish features Moroccan-spiced quinoa baked right in with the bird. As a planet-friendly alternative, this plant-based brisket is perfect for the vegans and vegetarians in the crowd—but will definitely be enjoyed by all.

roast chicken with moroccan spices

As far as sides are concerned, you can’t go wrong with sweet potatoes. But if you’re tired of drowning their hearty goodness in marshmallows and brown sugar, try your hand at this sweet potato curry as a side instead. And, while you’re at it, why don’t you make some brown rice mushroom congee as well? It’s inspired by the well-loved Asian comfort food, and definitely deserves a place at your table.

Personally, I think leftovers are the best part of a big meal. One of my favorite dishes to make with leftovers is a buddha bowl, because you can swap out all the main ingredients for whatever you have on hand. Try subbing turkey for tofu and cucumbers for green beans for a true Thanksgiving-inspired bowl—you could even use mashed potatoes in place of rice.

brown rice mushroom congee

Whatever you end up making for Thanksgiving, I’m sure it’ll be perfect. Enjoy, and happy holidays!

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