Family Ski Trip: Tips to Stay Warm and Healthy on the Slopes
January 30, 2024
By Danielle Owen

Family ski vacations can be magical. Or they can be a stress-filled nightmare. The key to keeping spirits high? A well-planned trip. From choosing accommodations with family-friendly activities near the mountain to packing the right gear to keep you warm and safe on the slopes, you can do plenty to ensure a wonderful vacation for the whole family. 

Here’s everything you need to know to maximize enjoyment when taking a ski trip with kids.

Tips and tricks for staying healthy on the slopes 

Plan accordingly 

A well-planned ski trip will make all the difference between a vacation filled with soggy meltdowns and a fun-filled family getaway. First, ensure your destination (and the ski resort) is kid-friendly. 

Consider resorts with well-developed and highly-rated ski schools. Many kids, especially younger ones, won’t be able to spend the whole day on the slopes. Resorts with additional activities like tubing, ice skating, and indoor swimming pools are always a hit with little ones. 

If you’ve ever wanted to splurge on accommodations by staying at the ski resort, now is the time. This will make a ski trip with kids more accessible by cutting out the work of piling kids and equipment in and out of the car daily. 

Rest and hydrate

Skiing might be fun, but it can still be a pretty intense workout, especially for new skiers/snowboarders. It’s important to ensure everyone stays hydrated, is well-fed, and takes plenty of breaks as needed. Hydration packs are a great way to have water handy at all times. They have backpacks specifically designed for the snow that lets you carry snacks for the mountain, extra hand warmers and anything else you might need while on the slopes. 

Packing list 

Ski trips take more preparation than warm-weather vacations. They require bulkier clothing (and more of it). If the kids are skiing or snowboarding, make sure you have the following clothing to keep them warm: 

  • Fleece base layer sets 
  • Gloves: the best kind for kids will cover halfway up their forearm and have a drawstring closure
  • Neck warmer
  • Ski socks (specifically designed for skiing, not just long socks)
  • Ski hat that covers ears and stays on snug
  • Goggles that fit properly
  • Ski pants/overalls/jacket/suit
  • Warm sweats/pajamas to change into after the mountain
  • A well-fitted helmet

In addition to the above must-haves, which might be more obvious, there are a few more things to keep in mind:

  • Buy your kids’ outermost layer (coat, snowsuit, ski pants) in an easily identifiable color/pattern so you can keep sight of them on the mountain. 
  • Apply Aquaphor to cheeks before and after to help prevent and treat windburn. 
  • Don’t forget sun protection on the slopes– even when it’s cloudy!
  • Borrow ski clothes or buy used ones since they’ll likely grow out of them each season.

Most importantly, be sure to go at your own pace. If that feels best, enjoy hot cocoa in the lodge the entire afternoon. Family ski trips are as much about cozy cabin time as a family as they are about the time spent on the slopes.

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Danielle Owen
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