The 4 Best Apps for Combating Jet Lag
February 18, 2019
By Erica Hayton

Jet lag can be one of the fastest killers of a great vacation. When you only have a few days in a new country, you don’t want to waste precious time sleeping.

It isn’t always easy to recover when you’re jumping time zones. The fatigue, disorientation, and even nausea associated with jet lag can put a serious damper on your time away.

Luckily, there’s an app for that. In fact, there’s more than one. Here are four apps to help you combat jet lag—or even skip it completely.


1. Timeshifter

Timeshifter is an app that helps resynchronize your circadian clock with your new time zone through a unique sleep, light and caffeine schedule. To create a custom travel plan, you simply answer a few questions about your trip and your natural sleep cycle.

Timeshifter then presents you with an up-to-date timeline of when you should try to get some sleep, when you should seek light, or when you should drink or avoid caffeine. The app also sends you alerts so you can stay on track without constantly checking your schedule.

Timeshifter is a paid app, starting at $9.99. Frequent travelers can also purchase an annual subscription plan for $24.99.


2. Jet Lag Rooster

Jet Lag Rooster isn’t an app, but it is a good free alternative to Timeshifter. The Jet Lag Rooster collects information about your flight and your current sleep schedule to give you a timeline similar to Timeshifter.

However, because Jet Lag Rooster is a website rather than an app, you’ll need to save your schedule and schedule alarms yourself.

Jet Lag Rooster also allows you to start your schedule days in advance, making the transition into a new time zone even easier.


3. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock app that does more than just help fight jet lag. The app tracks your sleep patterns to wake you up during light sleep, helping you feel more naturally rested.

Unlike a regular alarm clock, the Sleep Cycle app uses a 30-minute wake-up phase to ease you awake. This can help you wake up in the morning feeling rested even after jumping time zones.

Sleep Cycle is a great app for anyone who doesn’t want to follow the strict sleeping or light schedule that Jet Lag Rooster or Timeshifter offers.


4. Uplift

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your jet lag, Uplift is the app for you. Unlike the other apps on this list, Uplift doesn’t try to shift your sleep schedule. Instead, it uses biorhythmic acupressure to end jet lag.

The Uplift app will ask you some questions about your travel plans, then present you with a 5-minute acupressure exercise to help you readjust to your new timezone.

Uplift does have a $9.99 one-time cost, but for travelers always switching time zones, it can be a great investment. You can even use Uplift in conjunction with another app to adjust even faster.

Don’t let jet lag ruin your trip. These four apps can help you get your body back on schedule and allow you to make the most of your time in a new time zone. Learn more about how you can survive jet lag.

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