How AI Is Transforming the Ecotourism Industry
March 26, 2024
By Beth Rush

Artificial intelligence is making an impact across nearly every industry, including ecotourism and travel. Businesses can leverage advanced technologies to craft personalized experiences, improve the planning experience and enhance the customer experience. Here are a few ways that AI is transforming the ecotourism industry.

1. Voice Assistants

Voice-based assistants empower guests to make fast requests, gain internet control, ask for a weather forecast, automate room control and more. You can use these tools to create your ideal room atmosphere by setting the lights, adjusting the temperature and similar actions.

Voice assistants can also provide automated phone responses about venues, travel accommodations, wedding food trends, event hours and more after business operating hours. With more than 140 million users activating voice assistants in 2022 alone, these tools will continue to be helpful across industries. For example, you can use these tools to work with caterers to find ingredients from local markets or nearby suppliers. 

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are some of the most basic and commonly used AI tools, and more than 70% of internet users prefer using these tools for simple questions. Many social media apps use chatbots, and travel industry businesses are integrating these tools into their arsenal. Chatbots can provide answers about booking, travel accommodations, car rentals, flight reservations, dining recommendations and much more to enhance the traveling experience.

These tools can also provide quick answers for guests who need them immediately. For example, chatbots can provide wifi passwords, directions to on-site facilities or information about when amenities open or close.

3. Personalization

Personalization involves using machine learning and data analytics to better understand behaviors and demographics. Using this information, travel industry organizations can gather information about your previous trips and travel experiences. Businesses can find out what you enjoyed, disliked or did repeatedly on your past trips and use this information to their advantage. 

These organizations can use your preferences to make informed decisions in the planning and scheduling processes to ensure you have a wonderful experience at their business. This information can be extremely helpful for travelers looking for a unique experience on holidays, vacations and more. For example, singles celebrating Valentine’s Day may appreciate social events or self-care-focused activities rather than traditional couple activities and suggestions.

4. Facial Recognition

Facial recognition uses biometric technology to determine your identity. This is a secure way to streamline several processes in the travel industry, like plane boarding, international customs processes and check-ins. Along with helping travelers have a more personalized experience, this technology can keep unrecognized people out of certain spaces, creating safer spaces for guests.

Travel-related businesses can also use facial recognition to gather guest data to enhance their current and future experiences. For example, hotels can use this technology to reward repeat guests and provide more specific service upon arrival. 

5. Robot Technologies

Robotics has made its way into several industries, including hotels and travel agencies. Virtual assistants and robots can provide self-services, enhancing the guest experience and quickening multiple processes. For instance, these assistants can aid in check-in processes, baggage handling, housekeeping and similar tasks.

Robots are also excellent at multitasking, making them a great solution for busy locations with many guests. You can ask a robot for suggestions on activities or restaurants nearby, directions for a specific facility, where your room is and more, empowering you to make the most of your vacation time.  

Embracing New Technology

From creating personalized experiences for intimate gatherings to assisting large groups with a shared event, AI and advanced technologies can transform travel experiences. These tools are here to stay and embracing them can empower you to travel with personalized experiences and seamless transitions.

About the Author

Beth Rush
Beth is the content manager and Managing Editor at Body+Mind. She is passionate about writing about travel, fitness, nutrition and mental health. In her spare time, Beth enjoys going for runs with her dog and trying out new recipes.