5 Date Night Ideas for Wanderlusts
January 26, 2021
By Cassie Drumm

Think back to February of last year…what were you and your significant other doing? I, for one, spent Valentine’s weekend on a series of adventures in Philadelphia: Eating an authentic Italian dinner in a tiny BYOB, ice skating (and getting engaged!) at the River Rink and celebrating shoulder-to-shoulder with friends in a crowded brewery.

This year has been especially difficult for those who love to travel and explore. But while this Valentine’s Day may not involve fancy sit-down restaurants, international excursions or romantic tropical getaways, there are still ways that we wanderlusts can enjoy the day (or weekend) with our loved ones. Here are some ideas for date nights when you can’t jump on a plane.

Cook Together

One of the best ways to explore other cultures is through food. You may have some favorite local restaurants with an international menu, but why not try your hand at an authentic dish yourself? Cooking together can be a great way to bond with your partner—and you get to enjoy your hard work together with dinner.

Need an idea of what to cook? Here are some suggestions for some fun international dishes:

  • Homemade pasta: Use this recipe to make dough for ravioli, noodles, lasagna or whatever your heart desires
  • Maki rolls: Customize your sushi ingredients according to your preferences with this recipe
  • Pierogies: Use this guide and fill with your favorite Polish-inspired ingredients

Don’t forget the wine pairings! Check out this list for inspiration.

Attend a Virtual Concert

The pandemic put a real damper on live events for the foreseeable future, but many artists have begun to perform for virtual concerts. See if your favorite band is playing or look for something new! You can even set up your living room like a makeshift venue. Set up a bar in your kitchen with your favorite drinks, turn the lights down low, put the concert on your tv and rock out.

Watch a Film

Get cozy on the couch and pick an international film or documentary to dive into. Films can be a great way to learn more about another culture or simply dive into a new destination. Use a documentary to research your dream destination. Watch a foreign film to brush up on your language skills. Or simply enjoy a night imagining you’re far from home.

Don’t forget the snacks! Try making or ordering food that matches your film destination for a theme night.

Go on a Socially Distant Getaway

Looking to spend time with your partner outside of the house? It’s not too late to book a socially-distant getaway. It may be difficult to travel internationally, but you can still find places to explore close-to-home. Research hotels in the area—maybe even in your same city for a “staycation.” Plan some fun activities while you’re away to make your trip extra special:

  • Go on a hike
  • Play board games
  • Try a new restaurant
  • Have a movie night
  • Make a craft together

Get Outside

Even without a getaway, you can find ways to get outside with your significant other to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Take a hike, sign up for an outdoor exercise class or go ice skating. Take a day trip to the nearest ski resort and go tubing (or if you’re somewhere warm, head to the beach). Make sure you check regulations for any outdoor activities ahead of time to stay on top of health precautions and requirements—you may have to book a spot ahead of time and make sure you’re wearing a mask at all times.

Whether you’re staying in with dinner and a movie or going on a local outdoor adventure, Valentine’s Day is all about being with the people you love.

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